5 Stocks With Small Price Tags And Big Upside Potential

Low-priced stocks offer investors – especially more aggressive traders – the opportunity to not only make a decent profit in the event of even relatively small price moves, but also to buy more shares than they would be able to of large-cap stocks. Today’s article highlights five stocks trading under $10 that the authors believe “While more suited for aggressive accounts… could prove exciting additions to portfolios looking for solid alpha potential.” For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

5 (More) Stocks Under $10 For Big Share Counts – And Big Upside Potential

Low-priced stocks offer smaller investors the chance to not only make a tidy profit (as these stocks can provide the largest short-term gains), but also to acquire a higher share count than they would be able to of large and mega-cap stocks. Today’s article highlights five (more) stocks trading under $10 that possess solid upside potential based on price targets from Goldman Sachs. For these five stocks – which may be especially appealing to more aggressive traders – CLICK HERE.

Profit From Modest Stock Moves With This Options Strategy

“Most options investors screw it up,” argues the author of today’s article. How do they screw it up? By not knowing how to profit from more modest stock moves – “the more typical daily moves you’re going to see over most of your investment life”. So how can options investors profit from more modest stock moves? The author lays out one strategy to do just that. For more, CLICK HERE.

The 3 Fastest-Growing Marijuana Markets In The World – And Top Stocks To Tap Into Each

Where in the world are the fastest-growing marijuana markets – and which cannabis stocks may be best positioned to profit from each of them? Today’s article identifies the three fastest-growing marijuana markets in the world (specifically, two countries and one particular U.S. state) and what may be the best cannabis stocks to tap into each market. Which marijuana market is projected to see an increase in sales of nearly 18,000% by 2022 – and will the growth in even these three fastest-growing markets be sufficient to justify sky-high pot stock valuations? CLICK HERE.

The Unique, Profitable Tech Stock That’s Beating Expectations

One of the favorite investing destinations of the author of today’s article is Australia – and as such he proceeds to highlight a unique – and profitable – Australian technology stock that trades in the U.S. The company in question “provides team collaboration and productivity software solutions worldwide”, is unique in several respects (including the fact that it has always been profitable), and has been beating analyst expectations. For more on this company – including what may be its most unique aspect – CLICK HERE.

Health Insurance Stocks To Consider As Vital Signs Improve For ACA Exchanges

Despite past challenges – and continued uncertainty – surrounding the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, some insurers have completed regulatory filings indicating plans to expand their ACA offerings next year as the exchanges have become more profitable. As such, the author of today’s article advises that “now could be an ideal time for investors to consider the sector as a potential buy.” For two health insurance stocks to consider in that regard, CLICK HERE.

These 7 Low-Priced, Profitable Stocks Could Be About To Break Out

Each of the seven stocks highlighted in today’s article as being worthy of further research is near a new 52-week high, “indicating the potential for a strong breakout.” In addition, each of these companies has been profitable over the past 12 month period and is expected to be profitable in the current year. And, finally, each of these stocks is low-priced, trading under $5 a share. For these seven stocks, CLICK HERE.

Assessing The Smartness Of These “Top” Stock Picks

In a Forbes listing of “Top U.S. Stocks For 2018”, the contributors named United Health Group, FedEx, Viper Energy, T-Mobile and Microsoft. In today’s article, the author assesses these five investments, ultimately agreeing that four of them are among the smartest investments for 2018. In regards to the fifth, however, he argues that, while it “will likely be profitable in 2018…it is not necessarily one of the smartest investments.” For more, CLICK HERE.