Why Gold Is The Second Best Performing Asset (And Why The “Average Investor” Is The Worst)

For the 20-year period ending December 31, 2018, which asset class had the second highest annualized returns (real estate investment trusts posted the best returns)? Gold. Which group found itself dead last in annualized returns over the same 20-year period? The “average investor”. Today’s article examines both of these results – the strong investment case for gold and why “everyday retail investors regularly lag the market, in good times and in bad, by an alarmingly wide margin.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Improving Data: Stocks To Play The Data Center Rebound

After a rough go in 2018 (due in part to concerns over rising interest rates), data center stocks are staging a turnaround (due in part to the Fed’s more dovish tone on future rate hikes). Now available at lower valuations, and with long-term growth drivers still intact, data center stocks may be attractive plays. Today’s article highlights four data center stocks that appear to be especially compelling picks: three retail data centers and one document storage REIT that is moving into the data center space. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Trends Appear To Be The Friends Of These 3 REITs

A flat yield curve, stronger corporate profits, and continued growth in e-commerce sales are three trends that the author of today’s article believes will drive stock prices in 2019 – and he proceeds to highlight three real estate investment trusts that stand to benefit from these trends. For these three dividend payers – a commercial real estate mortgage REIT, a lodging REIT, and a logistics REIT – CLICK HERE.

10 REITs That Have Been Movin’ On Up This Year

It’s no wonder that real-estate investment trusts are popular investments given, as today’s article notes, “Over 90% of REIT’s have higher dividend yields compared to the average S&P 500 company.” The article proceeds to highlight ten REITs that have gained at least 10% (and upwards of 50%) so far in 2018. For these ten REITs that have been movin’ on up this year – spanning mortgage REITs, data centre REITs and more – CLICK HERE.

Bigger May Indeed Be Better For These 2 High-Yielding Stocks

While the author of today’s article acknowledges that “bigger isn’t usually better when you’re talking about dividend yield,” he proceeds to highlight two high-yielding stocks where this may actually be the case. Specifically, these two stocks have dividend yields over 10% – and which appear to be safe. For these two stocks – a REIT that appears insulated from future rate increases and an energy firm that has undergone a re-shuffling in order to focus on growth – CLICK HERE.

Negative Narratives May Be Obscuring A Real Opportunity With This REIT

Real estate investment trusts have been weighed down of late thanks in large part to two negative narratives surrounding this asset class: that REITs are to be avoided in a rising rate environment and that brick-and-mortar retailers (which rent space from REITs) are doomed in the face of competition from online retailers such as Amazon. For the REIT highlighted in today’s article, however, the reality may be rosier than the narratives suggest. Why might this REIT be a valuable addition to investment portfolios – and what’s one way to play this opportunity using options? CLICK HERE.

Impure Marijuana: The Better Bet?

Many pure play marijuana companies have seen their stocks soar as the legalization of medical – and recreational – marijuana has expanded. These companies can be risky bets however (consider the fact that most are still not profitable). The better bet, according to today’s article, may be companies that service the marijuana industry – and while many of these companies are private, there are some publicly-traded options. For some of these “impure” marijuana plays – including a REIT “focused solely on acquisition and management of industrial properties leased to companies that require medical-use cannabis facilities” – CLICK HERE.

Should You Go STAG? Assessing This Attractive – But Risky – REIT

The real estate investment trust highlighted in today’s article has been delivering impressive price returns and pays an attractive monthly dividend. The author views it as one of the top high-income REITs to consider, but cautions that “it’s also riskier than many investors realize.” The REIT in question is STAG Industrial, which employs a unique strategy when it comes to the properties it invests in. For more on STAG, its unique investment strategy, the factors underlying its strong performance, why it’s particularly risky – and the author’s take on how to play it – CLICK HERE.

The REIT Positioned To Benefit When Rates Rise

2016-10-13 09_23_01-Films & TVOf the perceived relationship between interest rates and the performance of real estate investment trusts (i.e. that REITs will suffer when interest rates begin to rise), the author of today’s article argues that this is “a misconception and one that investors should begin to understand.” He proceeds to highlight a commercial mortgage REIT that he sees as being “well-prepared for a rate increase, and in fact, this company should benefit when the Fed signals another boost.” The REIT in question is Blackstone Mortgage Trust. To read more about this REIT – including how it is insulated from the impact of rising interest rates and why the author states it will “almost immediately generate increased earnings” when short-term rates rise, CLICK HERE.

Higher Elevation Ahead? 3 Momentum Stocks To Consider For October

2016-10-02 19_14_00-New notificationWhile the idea of buying stocks near their 52-week highs may not be generally tempting to investors, the author of today’s article highlights three stocks – each of which has soared at least 30% year-to-date – that he believes have momentum and the ability to continue climbing for years to come. To see what these three stocks are – a provider of online human resources technology that keeps staying one step ahead of ever-increasing earnings estimates, a real estate investment trust that operates in a space other REITs won’t, and a “robotic surgery kingpin” – and why the author believes they are poised for further growth from their current elevated prices, CLICK HERE.