How To Take Advantage Of A Potential Bull Market For Roth Conversions

When it comes to converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, the author of today’s article acknowledges that “it takes a strong stomach”. However, a combination of the Trump tax cuts and the stock market’s performance of late “have created a potential bull market for conversions” where “a whole new class of people are now good candidates for Roth conversions”. How so – and what are some specific Roth conversion strategies that can help? CLICK HERE.

How Roth IRAs Can Be A “Secret Savings Weapon”

While most everyone is familiar with the existence of Roth IRAs, the author of today’s article argues that “what’s not well known is what they can do” – and he proceeds the identify the secret to Roth IRAs that make them appealing savings vehicles, beyond the fact that they can make sense if you expect (as he does) that income tax rates will rise. How can Roth IRAs be a “secret savings weapon” – and how can the “Roth math” work for you? CLICK HERE.