6 Stocks Offering Predictability — And Value

A provider of marketing and loyalty services, a short line railroad holding company, a retailer of branded fashion apparel, a retailer of professional beauty supplies, a label solutions provider, and a consumer finance company comprise the six stocks highlighted in today’s article for the high level of business predictability and wide margins of safety they offer investors. More importantly, these six stocks are currently undervalued. For more, CLICK HERE.

Some “Quite Contrarian” Stock Picks For 2018

In identifying stock picks for 2018, the author of today’s article is looking abroad and “in unloved sectors like telecom, broadcasting, Italian banking, and French car manufacturing” – and while these areas may seem risky, he notes that the specific companies he is targeting in those spaces appear strong (and that even otherwise ‘safe’ stocks are not currently without risk due to elevated prices). For the specific “quite contrarian positions” he highlights, CLICK HERE.