Change Your Personal Finance Fortunes With These 2019 Resolutions

“One of the best pieces of financial advice I ever received was this one from a mentor just prior to my marriage,” reveals the author of today’s article in regards to Resolution #7 of the ten personal finance resolutions he outlines as being the best ones to make for 2019. For what this piece of advice was – and for the other nine top personal finance resolutions for 2019 – CLICK HERE.

Save A Bunch Under The New Tax Law By “Bunching”

One potential downside of the new tax law, as the author of today’s article points out, is that “The higher standard deduction…might mean that you can’t use some of your regular deductions, like for charity gifts, if they don’t meet the new, higher limit.” All may not be lost, however, as the author turns to a financial planner who outlines a way to get around this aspect of the tax law and save a bunch on taxes: bunching. For more on this strategy – and how to bunch different types of deductions – CLICK HERE.

Savings Crisis In America? There’s An App For That!

Statistics show that there’s a savings crisis in America involving all generations. Among those sobering statistics? Nearly two-thirds of adults in the U.S. lack even the most minimal savings safety net for an emergency situation. As such, the author of today’s article highlights a new, easy-to-use personal finance app that may be a small part of the solution: Dobot – “the robot for your dough” – which “can automate your savings…help you save more money…and allow you to grab control of your financial future to save for the things that matter.” To read more about Dobot, CLICK HERE.

Assessing The Snapchat Chatter: Is Its Best Growth Behind It Or Yet To Come?

2017-02-12-19_03_12-free-stock-photo-of-application-blur-cellphoneAhead of its highly anticipated initial public offering, investors and analysts are sharply divided over whether Snap – the parent company of Snapchat – will see a trajectory similar to that of Facebook (i.e. its biggest growth is yet to come) or a trajectory more similar to that of Twitter (i.e. its best growth is behind it). To read about the rationale of those in both camps – including why one analyst declares “If you are going to sink money in, especially your savings, you better be prepared to watch it explode into bits” – and for the author’s advice to investors regarding Snap, CLICK HERE.

Striving To Be FIREd

2016-08-07 free stock photosWhen is being FIREd a really good thing? When FIRE refers to the status of being “financially independent, retiring early” (at, say, age 30!). Today’s article seeks to outline how individuals who have achieved FIRE status did so, in the aim of helping younger workers who wish to do the same, as well as older workers who need help catching up with their retirement savings. What are the “just a few things” those who achieved financial independence and early retirement did right in terms of income, saving, retirement accounts and investing that got them into this envied group? To find out, as well as for a list of resources for those interested in delving further into the world of FIRE, CLICK HERE.

20 Simple Steps To Improve Your Finances

2016-05-22 free stock photos“Some important financial moves are painful, time consuming, or both. Tackling mountains of debt or complex estate planning come to mind. Yet many smart financial steps are simple and take just a few minutes.” Today’s article outlines 20 simple ways to improve your finances – purportedly in under half an hour. From tracking your net worth to keeping tabs on 3 specific spending categories to travelling for free, CLICK HERE to see the author’s 20 hassle-free steps towards increasing savings, decreasing spending and being a smarter investor, as well as online resources that can be employed in carrying them out.

Becoming A Millionaire By Retirement

2016-04-28 07_00_57-New notificationWho wants to be a millionaire (by retirement)? Today’s article takes the position that “almost anyone can become a millionaire if they make a commitment to save early in their career and stick with it over several decades.” But what else should savvy investors be doing (and avoiding) in the aim of accumulating $1 million by retirement? What special considerations are there for job changers? And what sort of retirement lifestyle should one realistically envision even if this financial goal is achieved? CLICK HERE to read more.