A Winning Combination For Trading Marijuana Stocks

What should investors look for when it comes to finding winning trades among volatile marijuana stocks? The author of today’s article recommends looking for “companies with big potential growth opportunities whose shares are also oversold on a technical basis” – and outlines two things that investors need to know about pot companies in order to know when to buy and sell. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Solid Alpha Potential”: 5 Stocks Under $10 For Aggressive Traders

An “off-the-radar” financial intermediary with a massive 10.21% dividend, a potential acquisition target in the gaming industry and an oil services play that’s a top pick across Wall Street are among the five low-priced (trading under $10) stocks with solid upside potential on the Raymond James Analysts Favorite Picks stock list highlighted in today’s article. Specifically, these stocks may be particularly appealing to more aggressive traders “look[ing] at lower-priced stocks as a way to not only make some good money but to get a higher share count.” For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

Hedging With Gold Miner Stocks

As the trade war has dragged on and market volatility risen, investors have been moving money to hedge investments, particularly gold. The author of today’s article notes that it’s “all but certain that the price of gold will rise if trade war fears continue to increase” and that gold miner stocks have outperformed all other hedges over the last few months. For those considering gold miner stocks as a hedge, he highlights one gold miner whose shares have tripled since last Labor Day. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 Stocks Trading Under $10 For Big Share Counts – And Big Upside Potential

Two potential takeover targets – one public relations related company and one biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapies for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases – are among the five low-priced (trading under $10) stocks highlighted in today’s article as having big upside potential to analysts’ price targets. For these five stocks, which may appeal to aggressive traders looking to “get some solid share leverage [and] make money on a much smaller share price move,” CLICK HERE.

Is Beyond Meat The Recipe For A Bubble?

Since it went public just over a month ago, plant-based meat substitute producer Beyond Meat has seen its stock soar more than 600% – and short sellers of the stock have seen their bets backfire bigtime. However, the stock just saw a downgrade by analysts at J.P. Morgan who believe that ‘the company’s revenue and profit potential are fully priced into shares” – and tumbled as a result. Are all the ingredients in place for a Beyond Meat bubble – or could the fake meat producer’s rally have real legs? For more, CLICK HERE.

Which Falling Knives Stocks Are Worth Grabbing?

Among the various possible ways to beat the market, according to one study, is with falling knives stocks – specifically, falling knives stocks “whose share prices have fallen more than 50% over the last 52 weeks [and which] are properly selected for financial strength” (low debt-equity ratios). Today’s article highlights three such falling knives stocks from the metal mining industry, as the author expects a low-yield environment going forward and declares that “ Metal mining companies are going to benefit from a low real yield environment more than any other company.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Current Paradox In Natural Gas – And How To Profit From It

“This situation is perfect for us,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to the fact that, while natural gas prices have soared, the share prices of natural gas producers have not yet moved in kind. He proceeds to examine why this is the case – and highlights one way to profit from the rising prices and demand for natural gas while producers’ stocks are beaten down. For more, CLICK HERE.

5 (More) Stocks Under $10 For Big Share Counts – And Big Upside Potential

Low-priced stocks offer smaller investors the chance to not only make a tidy profit (as these stocks can provide the largest short-term gains), but also to acquire a higher share count than they would be able to of large and mega-cap stocks. Today’s article highlights five (more) stocks trading under $10 that possess solid upside potential based on price targets from Goldman Sachs. For these five stocks – which may be especially appealing to more aggressive traders – CLICK HERE.

What’s Worth Grabbing In “GARP Land”?

The author of today’s article considers stocks selling for 15 times earnings per share or less to be value territory, stocks selling for 20 times earnings per share or more to be growth territory, and refers to the area in between – the 15-20 range – as “GARP land”, or “growth at a reasonable price”. Every year at this time he identifies a handful of stocks from GARP territory that may be worth a look. For the five stocks on this year’s GARP roster – including “a risky contrarian pick, intensely hated by Wall Street” – CLICK HERE.

A Hot Stock Tip From The World’s Greatest Investor

A look at the top holdings of Berkshire Hathaway’s equity portfolio makes it clear that Warren Buffett is very bullish on the U.S. financial sector – and while Buffett himself has not provided a specific reason as to why that is, the author of today’s article believes it’s because we have entered a “golden age for American banks”, with many years of rising earnings and rising share prices ahead. Why might this be the case – and what are the two newest financial additions to Berkshire’s portfolio? CLICK HERE.