Digging Into The Upside Potential Of Precious Metals

Of platinum, palladium, silver and gold, which may be the best long-term investment and also the best trade this year? Which may be the worst precious metal to own this year? And where might the remaining two metals rank? In today’s article, the author employs technical analysis to arrive at an answer to these questions. For more – including which precious metal the author states “could very easily start a new mega-rally at any time” and his thoughts on how to trade and invest in metals – CLICK HERE.

Outlook For Gold, Silver – And A Potential Global Debt Bubble Collapse – In 2019

In summing up its market and economic outlook for 2019, today’s offering declares the following: “Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst by increased allocations to cash, silver and gold.” Might 2019 see a global debt bubble collapse? How much might investors want to be invested in gold? Is silver or bitcoin a better investment option for 2019? And what could bring about a global financial crisis this year? For a discussion of these topics and more, CLICK HERE.

Why Now May Be The Season To Buy Silver

Silver prices have been close to the bottom of a two-year range, but the author of today’s article advises that “Heading into the latter half of 2018 is the time to buy silver, preparing for the seasonal run up that occurs in the Q1 of 2019.” What has been happening with silver in recent months, where could it be heading price-wise, and why is there good reason to expect silver to rally in the first months of 2019? CLICK HERE.

Gold, Silver And The Next Financial Meltdown: A Contrarian View

When the next financial meltdown occurs, the author of today’s article has a contrarian view on what will happen with gold and silver. While most precious metals analysts forecast a higher gold-silver ratio during the next financial crash, the author sees the value of silver rising more than that of gold. For more – including what the author sees as “the key factor missed by most precious metals analysts” – CLICK HERE.

Is A “Rope-A-Dope Breakout” Setting Up In Gold And Silver?

With continued global economic expansion, gold and silver have largely become an after-thought for investors, but the authors of today’s article caution that those not paying attention to gold and silver risk missing out on a coming “rope-a-dope breakout”. They advise that “this price breakout may be less than 30 days away from now and the key to any potential move will originate in the global fear that may continue to grow as the world’s leading economies continue to spar over trade, economic cooperation and fair opportunities going forward.” For more, CLICK HERE.

California’s Solar Mandate Creates A Golden Opportunity For Silver

California has become the first state in the country to approve rules requiring that newly built homes (starting in 2020) have a solar rooftop. As today’s article notes, “One of the most important components in building solar tiles is photovoltaic conduction which is created using silver” – and thus this move by California will drive demand for silver higher. For more – including how much silver is expected to be needed per year for compliance with these new rules – CLICK HERE.

Is Hedge Fund Buying Setting Up A Silver Surge?

Against a backdrop of increased market volatility, interest in “safe haven” assets – including precious metals – is increasing. However, today’s article outlines how, “Despite gold’s luster as the place to hide your money during volatile market conditions, silver is more likely to benefit given current positions held by hedge funds.” What are hedge funds doing relative to gold and silver – and how might this activity result in a surge in silver prices if precious metals break out? CLICK HERE.

Amid Recent “Hot” Inflation Readings, Can Gold And Silver Protect Your Wealth?

Inflation concerns are rising – and not without good reason. Today’s article notes, for example, that the Consumer Price Index climbed more than expected in January in terms of both the headline rate and the core rate (which excludes more volatile components such as food and energy). Against the backdrop of this “hot” inflation data, the author points out that “what is important about inflation is that it erodes the value of the assets you own, especially if your earnings are fixed.” What role can gold and silver play in offsetting this erosion? CLICK HERE.

Will Stocks Take Silver? 10 Reasons Why Gold May Outperform Stocks Over The Next 10 Years

2016-10-31 07_36_06-Films & TVWith the S&P 500 having been on a tear since 2009, the author of today’s article makes note of a surprising fact: “In the past decade, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) has actually outperformed the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) by more than 15 percentage points (even including the SPY’s dividends). The GLD is up nearly 120% since 2006.” Looking forward, the author believes that many of the factors that have accounted for the GLD’s outperformance over the last 10 years will continue to exist for the next 10 years and, thus, “gold could prove to be a better 10-year investment than stocks.” To see what 10 of these factors are – including growing demand for gold from China and other emerging markets – CLICK HERE.

Will These Gold Stocks Glitz Up Your Portfolio?

2016-06-12 20_00_33-Morguefile.com free stock photosDon’t think precious metals stocks are for you? The author of today’s article argues that all investors should consider having at least some gold in their portfolios and outlines three reasons why. One reason given is that “the price of gold is uncorrelated to just about any other asset except silver. And that’s a good thing when it comes to reducing the risk in your portfolio.” Additionally, the author highlights three gold stocks to consider – two mining companies and one company that is “a different business model altogether”. To read more, CLICK HERE.