Is Apple Stock Now A Screaming Buy? Here’s What This “Wonky But Essential” Stat Indicates

Apple’s stock price plummeted after the company slashed revenue guidance, in large part due to slumping sales in China. So is Apple stock, which today’s article notes is now one-third cheaper than it was at its apex (when it was still regarded as a great value stock), now a screaming buy? The author advises that in order to “assess whether Apple is truly a bargain, [we need to] analyze the underlying trends that will determine its future fortunes, using a wonky but essential measure…” For more, CLICK HERE.

Buffett-Inspired Buys – And Stock Selection Criteria

“I’m buying stocks,” was Warren Buffett’s response when he was asked in late summer about whether the market was overextended – and analysts at Wells Fargo have identified a number of stocks “that look attractive today, based on what they believe to be Buffett’s investment selection criteria.” Some of these stocks Buffett is unlikely to buy for various reasons (but you can!), while others are likely candidates for his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. For these stocks – and the Buffett-inspired selection criteria – CLICK HERE.

How To Still Generate Good Returns While Doing Good With Your Investments

“Gone are the simple days when investing with a conscience meant excluding alcohol, tobacco and firearms from a portfolio. Today’s impact investors want their investments to align with a more rigorous standard of good while achieving a maximum return,” notes the author of today’s article. So how can one go about trying to do good with their investments without having to sacrifice when it comes to returns? The author outlines a number of tips in that regard – including why impact investors may need to apply a “better than the rest” approach. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why Closed-End Funds Might Be “A Dream Come True” For Intrinsic Value Investors Right Now

The two keys behaviors of successful long-term investors, according to the author of today’s article, is that “they pick investments that are likely to provide a healthy return and they wait to buy until that investment is selling at a discount to its long term value.” One group of investments that are currently selling at less than net asset value because of market volatility are closed-end funds – which the author describes as a potential dream come true for intrinsic value investors. For more on closed-end funds, CLICK HERE.

Insurance Stock Buying Opportunities Post Harvey & Irma

As those affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma begin to file insurance claims – and with some estimates of the insured losses from those storms being in the tens of billions of dollars – many traders might be tempted to take a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to property and casualty insurer stocks – and this could create a buying opportunity for others. In an effort to identify insurance stocks that might be worthy of further consideration, the author of today’s article screened for low-priced, cheap (based on earnings estimates) property and casualty insurer stocks that pay a dividend. For the six stocks that passed this screen, CLICK HERE.

Why Regional Bank Stocks Are Attractive Buys – And 4 “Rock-Solid” Picks To Consider

The big banks have outperformed the broad market significantly since the election. However, while the author of today’s article does believe that the big banks are buying opportunities, he sees “a better place to go with your investment dollars in this sector” – regional banks. What aspects of regional bank stocks make them attractive – and which four specific regional bank stocks does the author state are “rock-solid” picks? CLICK HERE to find out.