The “Perfect 10 Portfolio” For The Coming Year

The author of today’s article has compiled 16 “Perfect 10 Portfolios” (consisting of stocks that have a price/earnings ratio of 10) since 2000 – and the majority of them, including last year’s, have beaten the S&P 500. For the ten stocks that make up his Perfect 10 Portfolio for the coming year – including a company that could benefit from the Trump Administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and a company that “Almost no one on Wall Street follows…leaving some room for it to be ‘discovered’” – CLICK HERE.

Bulk Up Late-Cycle Income With A Credit Barbell Strategy

When it comes to earning income in the late stages of a credit cycle without taking on excessive risk, the authors of today’s article acknowledge that it’s no easy feat. As such, they proceed to highlight one income strategy that can be helpful during the later stages of a cycle: a credit barbell strategy. This strategy, they note, “has produced superior returns in such circumstances. In others, it has delivered downside protection.” For what exactly a credit barbell strategy entails, CLICK HERE.

Potentially Undervalued Stocks From All Corners

Today’s article highlights a slew of potentially undervalued stocks, identifying a handful of picks from each and every sector from Basic Materials (with opportunities in uranium, lithium and lumber) to Consumer Defensive (with opportunity in tobacco and more) to Energy (with opportunity in oilfield-services stocks) to Utilities. For these 32 stocks across sectors that are among analysts’ best ideas right now, CLICK HERE.

Biggest Stock Winners & Losers In The First Half Of “The Year Of The Mood Swing”

Which S&P 500 stocks were the best performers (and which were the worst performers) in the first half of 2019? What were the best performers (and what were the worst performers) among components of the Nasdaq-100 Index in the first six months of the year? And how did the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average perform? Today’s article lays out this information for what the author notes could be called “the year of the mood swing for the U.S. stock market.” For more, CLICK HERE.

“Solid Alpha Potential”: 5 (More) Stocks Under $10 For Aggressive Traders

A small-cap gold stock, a generic drug maker that could be a steal at its current (19-year low) price, and a play on the on-demand food ordering and home delivery trend are among the five low-priced (trading under $10) stocks with solid upside potential highlighted in today’s article. Specifically, the author sees these stocks as being particularly appealing plays for more aggressive traders “look[ing] at lower-priced stocks as a way to not only make some good money but to get a higher share count.” For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.

History Suggests These Are The Best Stocks To Buy For The 7th Month (And The 3rd Quarter)

The drugmaker highlighted in today’s article may be one of the best stocks to buy for both July and the third quarter, if history is any indication. Why? Over the last 10 years, the stock in question has ended July higher 100% of the time (with an average gain of 10.68%) and has ended the third quarter higher 90% of the time (with an average gain of 13.63%). For the stock in question and how traders may want to go about exploiting this historical trend – as well as more top S&P 500 stocks in July and the third quarter – CLICK HERE.

If Past Is Prologue, This Is One Of The Best ETFs To Buy For July

The tech ETF highlighted in today’s article may be one of the best ETFs – if not the best ETF – to buy for July, if past is prologue. Why? The fund in question has ended July higher 100% of the time (with an average July gain of about 4%) in each of the last 10 years – the only ETF to do so! For the ETF in question – and how traders may want to go about exploiting this historical trend – CLICK HERE.

The Twist That Can Give Life To Value Investing

Value investing – the death of which has been called by many – may just have some life left in it after all, especially if the Fed proceeds to cut interest rates. As today’s article outlines, Goldman Sachs’ chief U.S. equity strategist believes “the stage is set for value stocks to come back in favor” – and, the bank “has screened for value stocks with ‘a quality overlay,’ which could carry three times the return of the typical S&P 500 firm with similar volatility.” For these stocks, CLICK HERE.