What To Buy To Play The Spring Selling Season

With mortgage rates on the decline, homebuilder confidence on the rise, home price growth slowing, and a number of other favorable-looking fundamentals, the U.S. housing market appears strong ahead of the spring selling season. Against this backdrop, today’s article highlights three homebuilder ETFs for “investors seeking to tap the solid trend in the homebuilder space” in a way that provides greater diversification than one can get from a single stock. For these three ETFs, CLICK HERE.

Improving Data: Stocks To Play The Data Center Rebound

After a rough go in 2018 (due in part to concerns over rising interest rates), data center stocks are staging a turnaround (due in part to the Fed’s more dovish tone on future rate hikes). Now available at lower valuations, and with long-term growth drivers still intact, data center stocks may be attractive plays. Today’s article highlights four data center stocks that appear to be especially compelling picks: three retail data centers and one document storage REIT that is moving into the data center space. For more, CLICK HERE.

Revisiting Latin America: 3 Reasons Its Markets May Continue To Soar

When it comes to the economic state of Latin America the headlines may give one impression, but stock markets are telling a different story. Today’s article looks at how “despite continuing economic concerns in Latin America their stock markets are doing very well” – and may continue to soar. What three reasons are given as to why Latin America may continue to outperform – and how can American investors not fluent in Spanish or Portuguese invest in Latin American stock? CLICK HERE to find out.

Why Medical Device Stocks Are “On Fire”

2016-05-29 08_25_06-Morguefile.com free stock photosWith biotech and pharmaceutical stocks struggling of late, where are money managers who still want to have some health care sector exposure putting their money? Today’s article highlights one part of the health care sector that “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer states is “on fire”: the medical device segment. What factors are leading money managers to buy medical device stocks “hand over fist”, and why is Cramer confidently declaring “So, when it comes to the medical device space, I say take your pick”? CLICK HERE to find out.

Largest S&P 500 Profit Burns

2016-05-07 19_31_54-morguefile.com_search_morguefile_1_smoke_pop“Seeing profits go up in smoke by more than 5% in the first quarter is enough of a burn for investors. That’s the worst profit drop since 2009, but nothing compared to the incineration of the bottom line at nearly a dozen companies.” Today’s article identifies “11 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500… where adjusted quarterly profit in the first quarter dropped 100% or more from the same period a year ago….” To see which S&P 500 companies experienced the largest declines in adjusted quarterly results – including an oil driller, a burrito chain (okay, this one is obvious) and a real-estate investment trust, CLICK HERE.