Analysts’ Top Large-, Mid- and Small-Cap Picks For 2019

“After U.S. stocks last year posted the worst performance since 2008, you might be skeptical of companies favored by Wall Street analysts, who seem to be perennially optimistic,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. Still, it may be worth noting which stocks are currently favored by analysts for the year ahead – and as such the author proceeds to identify the 20 stocks from each of the three main S&P indexes (large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap) “covered by at least five analysts with 75% or more ‘buy’ or equivalent ratings that have the highest 12-month upside potential implied by consensus price targets.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Shopping For Holiday Season Outperformance Among Stocks & ETFs

History suggests that stocks are expected to rise over the coming weeks – with small cap stocks expected to outperform. The author of today’s article notes that “The outperformance of the small-caps seems to hold true this year given that these pint-sized stocks are well insulated from international headwinds, which we are currently seeing. These are considered safe and better plays if any political issue or economic turmoil creeps into the picture.” For five small-cap ETFs and five small-cap stocks expected to outperform this holiday season, CLICK HERE.

Checking In On Gold And Resource Companies: Which Might Be Strong Buys?

In today’s article, the author examines recent developments at a number of gold and resource companies – and what those developments indicate about the attractiveness of their stock at current levels. Included in the discussion is a company whose “recent underperformance has less to do with its performance…than with the broad market sell-off in late January, early February”, according to the author, and therefore could present a great buying opportunity. For more, CLICK HERE.

This Group Of Worst-Performing Stocks Might Still Be Worthy Of Consideration

Today’s article highlights some worst-performing stocks that investors may still want to consider. Specifically, these are the worst-performing Dividend Aristocrat stocks (stocks of companies that have been increasing their dividend payouts for at least 25 years) this year. While each of these 16 stocks is down by 10% or more this year, nine have dividend yields above 3% – and all but one have the free cash flow to support higher payouts. For more on these stocks, CLICK HERE.

Why Value Has Been Left For Dead — And What Will Bring It Back To Life

After a strong performance in the latter portion of 2016, value stocks have largely not been enjoying the rally the broader market has experienced this year. Meanwhile, growth stocks have been doing very well. So is value dead, as some have suggested? Today’s article looks at some of the factors that account for value’s weak performance this year relative to growth – and what could bring about a turnaround in value’s fortunes. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Explaining Gold’s Surprising Rally – And Where It May Go From Here

A strange thing has been happening with gold this year: the precious metal has been experiencing a rally despite the fact that the two conditions under which it is thought to perform best (i.e. when inflation and/or volatility is rising) are not present. In fact, 2017 has seen falling inflation and nearly record-low volatility. So what factors account for gold’s odd ascent – and what does that suggest for its performance going forward? CLICK HERE for more.

Does This “Weird” (But Successful) Tech ETF Deserve A Spot In Your Portfolio?

It doesn’t hold names (including Google and Amazon) found in almost every other tech ETF, and it holds names you won’t find in other tech ETFs. Today’s article highlights a “weird” tech ETF whose “performance has been right in line with the other bigger tech ETFs but with a different crop of companies.” To learn more about the ETF in question – including its very different approach, its current top 10 holdings, and why it may be more representative of “the backbone of science and technology” than other tech ETFs – CLICK HERE.

Are These “Sleep Well At Night” Stocks The Best Bets When The Next Bear Market Arrives?

Which stocks may be the best to own when the next bear market arrives? The author of today’s article completed a study of over 19,000 stocks and their performance over the last 13 years in an effort to identify “steady winners that powered through any correction or bear market.” Which 25 stocks experienced only one or two single-digit percentage loss years within this 13-year period, and which 4 stocks were the only ones that experienced positive returns in each of the last 13 years? CLICK HERE to find out.

Should Investors Adopt Trump’s Pro-Russian Stance?

2017-01-22-19_39_15-people-walking-on-concrete-road-with-mid-rise-buildings-under-clouded-sky-%c2%b7-freeShould investors take a cue from President Trump and adopt a favorable position towards Russia – whose stock market and currency showed strong performance last year? The author of today’s article takes the position that “there are a few reasons investors might consider looking at the region again, but should make any portfolio additions small.” To find out what these reasons are – and to see which exchange-traded funds are recommended for investors who want to gain some Russian exposure – CLICK HERE.

IPO ETFs: The Low-Risk Way To Get In On Next Year’s Hot Tech IPOs

2016-10-23 09_28_05-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article notes that “after a slow start to the year, global technology IPOs made a smashing comeback last month…making it the most active September for tech IPOs since the tech bubble era.” Moreover, 2017 is expected to see a “very robust” IPO market – including some high profile offerings such as Snapchat. For investors seeking a low-risk way to gain IPO exposure, the author recommends IPO-focused exchange-traded funds and highlights two such funds. To read about these two ETFs – including the different approaches they take to their respective holdings and which one has been the clear winner in terms of performance – CLICK HERE.