Sustainable Stocks & Green Bonds

Sustainable investing has gone from niche to mainstream – and a number of the sustainable companies highlighted in today’s article put an emphasis on sustainability long before it became a big deal. For six stock picks from the sustainable space – ranging from “tiny, more-speculative firms whose success depends on their environmentally focused operations, to large, dependable firms that are giving at least part of their business a greener tint” – and three picks from the “new but fast-growing field of green bonds”, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With Attractive Yields For A Certain – Or Uncertain – Market

Whether markets continue to shrug off uncertainty, or become pervaded by it, the three dividend stocks highlighted in today’s article could prove to be good picks. That’s because they not only offer attractive yields supported by growing cash flows, but because all three come from the beaten-down energy sector, there is the potential for impressive total return should that sector make a comeback. For these three dividend stocks – including “one of the best investments for MLP investors” – CLICK HERE.

How Underperforming (And Under-Owned) AT&T Could Come To Outperform (Over-Owned) Apple And Amazon

“Apple and Amazon shares have been great performers for years, while good, old AT&T hasn’t done much of anything,” notes the author of today’s article. However, he proceeds to outline a scenario under which the underperforming AT&T has the potential to outperform current strong performers Apple and Amazon. For what the author identifies as “a key point investors ought not to miss” about these three stocks right now – and his recommendations on when and how to buy shares of AT&T, CLICK HERE.

The Darlings (And The Despised) That Could Beat The Market This Year

It’s probably not a surprise to learn that the stocks that were the most adored by analysts at the start of 2018 beat the overall market last year. A little more surprising, however, is the fact that the stocks that were the most despised by analysts at the start of last year also ended up beating the market. Given this, which stocks are the biggest analyst darlings (and which stocks are the most disliked by analysts) as 2019 gets underway – and which group (the adored or the despised) might end up doing better this year? CLICK HERE.

Financial Independence Is Within Your Control – If You Use These Levers

When it comes to achieving financial independence, there are factors you have little control over (such as the returns the market will provide). However, having talked with many people who are working towards, or who have achieved, financial independence, the author of today’s article has identified a number of tools they use to get rich – tools that, importantly, are within their control. Moreover, the author warns that “If you ignore those levers…chances are that you may not reach your goals, even if you are a more talented stock picker than Warren Buffett.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Which Stocks Have The Best “Under-The-Radar” Hedge Fund Managers Been Buying?

With information from second-quarter hedge fund disclosures now publicly available, today’s article looks at which stocks the top-performing (but not necessarily well-known) hedge funds have been buying – and thus which stocks those funds’ managers may view as overlooked opportunities. For the top five stock-picking hedge funds – and some stocks those funds’ managers have taken new positions in – CLICK HERE.

From Ali Baba To Twitter: Trading “The Second Round Of FANG Stocks” In August & September

Consider them “the second round of FANG stocks”: Baidu, Twitter, Tesla and Ali Baba. In today’s article, the author highlights what the price cycles of these four companies indicate about how to trade them during the remainder of August and into September. What do the charts have to say about what to buy, what to sell – and when? CLICK HERE to find out.

How This Stock Picker Admired By Warren Buffett Sizes Up Stocks – And His 15 Current Holdings

Warren Buffett is a man greatly admired by many investors – and Lou Simpson is a man greatly admired by Warren Buffett. As such, today’s article details the criteria that Simpson, a former CEO at Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and current chairman of SQ Advisors, looks for in stocks (and one factor he “assuredly does not rely on”) – as well as SQ Advisors’ 15 current stock holdings. For more, CLICK HERE.

These 3 Stocks May Be Among The Best Picks For Growth Investors Right Now

An at-home beverage machine maker, a display technology developer and manufacturer, and a water heater manufacturer make up the three stocks highlighted in today’s article that may be among the best picks right now for smart growth investors, as they offer the prospect of high growth without corresponding high risk. For more on these three growth stocks – including how the aforementioned water heater manufacturer is poised to profit from the expansion of China’s middle class – CLICK HERE.