All The Best, All The Worst: The 2017 “Financial Markets Awards”

What were the biggest market winners of the past year (excluding cryptocurrencies) – and what were the biggest market losers? What was the year’s most frequently offered (and consistently disproven) narrative about the market? What was 2017’s “Comeback Player of the Year” – and what was the year’s best financial markets fight? The author of today’s article gives his take on the aforementioned and bestows his “Financial Markets Awards” for 2017. For more, CLICK HERE.

18 Small-Caps Where Analysts Expect Big Gains In ’18

Wall Street is even more enthusiastic in its outlook for smaller companies next year than it was for this year as the Trump administration got underway. A key reason for this is the belief that small-cap companies will benefit disproportionately from tax reform. Today’s article highlights 18 small-cap stocks that analysts expect to see gains of at least 50% in the next year – including four stocks that analysts expect to more than double in price. To read more, CLICK HERE.

5 Top Energy Stocks To Consider (And 5 To Consider Avoiding)

Successful investing in energy stocks is no easy feat. As the author of today’s article notes, “picking the right energy stocks across this ever-changing backdrop is critical, weighing capital spending, debt levels and production growth against free cash flow, costs and return of capital to stockholders through dividends and share buybacks.” She proceeds to highlight five energy stocks that are currently the top picks of industry followers – as well as five energy stocks that industry followers are especially wary of. CLICK HERE.

Top “Strong Buy” Stock Picks From The Street’s Top Analysts

What stocks are Wall Street’s best-performing analysts most bullish on right now? One service has identified the Street’s top analysts (based on the average return and success rate of their buy-sell recommendations) and which stocks are most popular with those analysts right now. For seven of these top “strong buy” stocks picks – which span a variety of different sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, biopharma and media – CLICK HERE.

3 “Hidden Gem” Stock Picks From This Market-Beating Fund

“You don’t know a lot of the names in our portfolio, and we think that is good,” states the portfolio manager of the market-beating William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund, which seeks out small-cap companies that are flying below the radar, growing faster than their peers, and “with stocks trading at reasonable valuations due to the market inefficiencies in small-cap land.” For three such companies he proceeds to highlight – including an Israeli company that may be “a mini-Alphabet” – CLICK HERE.

Medical Marijuana, Lithium & Blockchain: Assessing The Current Investment Manias

“Love them or hate them, investment manias make people fortunes. They also lose people fortunes,” acknowledges the author of today’s article before delving into the three big investment manias currently taking place: medical marijuana, lithium and Blockchain. Which of these manias does the author call a “no brainer”, why – and what does he identify as his favorite stock to play it? How does he assess the other two manias – and how does he advise investors play manias in general? CLICK HERE.

How To Profit From The Global Food Security Crisis

The global population continues to grow, but we may already have reached peak production for many food categories as the amount of arable land remains constant. Global food security represents a major problem going forward – but Bank of America sees big payoff potential for companies that step up to tackle this problem. Moreover, the firm has identified eight major entry points for investors who want to get in on this opportunity – as well as a number of specific picks to play each of those themes. CLICK HERE for more.

Insurance Stock Buying Opportunities Post Harvey & Irma

As those affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma begin to file insurance claims – and with some estimates of the insured losses from those storms being in the tens of billions of dollars – many traders might be tempted to take a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to property and casualty insurer stocks – and this could create a buying opportunity for others. In an effort to identify insurance stocks that might be worthy of further consideration, the author of today’s article screened for low-priced, cheap (based on earnings estimates) property and casualty insurer stocks that pay a dividend. For the six stocks that passed this screen, CLICK HERE.

Electric Vehicles: How To Invest In The “Arms Dealers”, Not The “Combatants”

While the author of today’s article is very bullish on the electric vehicle trend, his preferred strategy is to invest in what he sees as the “arms dealers” – “the companies who supply the lithium to make all the batteries” – rather than the “combatants” (Tesla et al.), noting that the “sudden and explosive” demand for lithium will be lucrative for producers. He proceeds to highlight some “arms dealer” investment options – including one pick that he believes “might be the ideal pure play on lithium”. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The Market-Beating Magic Formula Strategy – And 8 Stocks That Pass The Screen Right Now

When it comes to screening for value stocks, one technique available to investors is the Magic Formula strategy – and as today’s article observes, this strategy – which was first laid out in the best-selling book The Little Book that Still Beats the Market – works: portfolios constructed using the Magic Formula beat the market 96% of the time in testing. So what is the Magic Formula, how can this strategy be implemented – and what are some stocks that are Magic Formula picks right now? CLICK HERE to find out.