The Trends Appear To Be The Friends Of These 3 REITs

A flat yield curve, stronger corporate profits, and continued growth in e-commerce sales are three trends that the author of today’s article believes will drive stock prices in 2019 – and he proceeds to highlight three real estate investment trusts that stand to benefit from these trends. For these three dividend payers – a commercial real estate mortgage REIT, a lodging REIT, and a logistics REIT – CLICK HERE.

Why These 3 “Boring” Companies May Be Attractive Opportunities

The three companies highlighted in today’s article are not sexy, attention-getters by any stretch. However, these “boring” companies do have appeal when it comes to quality, value and growth factors – and, the author notes, “they offer potential without the crazy risks that come with hot darling stocks that everyone is chasing.” For an overview of these three companies – including a manufacturer and seller of “identification solutions” (e.g. labels, tags, signs and other boring things) – CLICK HERE.

What Kind Of Bear Will It Be?

The author of today’s article believes we are now in bear market territory – and when it comes to how the bear market will unfold, he is betting on a sharp crash. However, he also acknowledges the potential for another bear market scenario, one which “would produce a trader’s market with short- and medium-term positions the most likely to succeed. Rather than the whole market crashing in sync, separate entities would have their own versions out of sync with others opening up possibilities to buy individual stock dips or sectorial slumps.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Will This One Stock Emerge As “The King Of Tax Reform”?

Stocks in general are expected to benefit this year from the new tax law – but which stocks stand to benefit the most? And which single stock stands to be the biggest winner from tax reform? The author of today’s article engaged in a five-part analysis in order to identify “the one stock that should emerge as the king of tax reform.” For the process used to make this determination, the one stock that came out on top – and a number of other stocks that could also prove to be smart tax reform plays – CLICK HERE.

18 Small-Caps Where Analysts Expect Big Gains In ’18

Wall Street is even more enthusiastic in its outlook for smaller companies next year than it was for this year as the Trump administration got underway. A key reason for this is the belief that small-cap companies will benefit disproportionately from tax reform. Today’s article highlights 18 small-cap stocks that analysts expect to see gains of at least 50% in the next year – including four stocks that analysts expect to more than double in price. To read more, CLICK HERE.

4 Investment Ideas For The Current Risk/Return Environment

While some may be worried that the market has gotten overheated, the author of today’s article argues that “this is still a good time to consider seeking out risk for the portfolio, but with many asset classes still pricey, where do we find the opportunities?” Finding those opportunities may require rethinking both risk and returns, and he proceeds to identify four areas that may offer potential opportunities – as well as some specific investments to consider for each investment idea. CLICK HERE.

What Investors Get Wrong With Alternatives – And Why Now May Be The Time To Buy

Against the backdrop of an extremely accommodative monetary policy by the Fed, low interest rates, and a booming U.S. stock market generating historically high returns (with historically low volatility), alternative investments have largely fallen out of favor with investors. The author of today’s article argues that investors are making a common mistake in regards to alternatives – and that now is the time to consider adding alternatives to one’s portfolio. What is this common mistake – and why might now be the time to invest in alternatives? CLICK HERE.

This “Loser” Stock Strategy May Be An Especially Big Winner This Time Around

Come the start of next year, you may want to have some of the biggest stock losers of this year in your portfolio. Why? As today’s article notes, in part due to tax-loss selling by investors, “losing stocks get so beaten-down by year-end that they often become bargains at the start of the next year, and frequently bounce back in price”. For more of the strategic rationale behind this strategy, why the rebound may be particularly strong this time – and some stocks that are currently prime candidates to play this strategy – CLICK HERE.

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Not – And Will Never Be – A Financial Hedge

More and more people seem to be investing in cryptocurrencies for the same reason that many invest in gold: they see it as an effective hedge against fiat currencies. So could cryptocurrencies ultimately replace gold as the go-to financial hedge? The author of today’s article argues that, “despite what the crypto-evangelists will tell you, digital tokens will never and can never replace gold as your financial hedge” – and he outlines six reasons why. To read more – including why cryptocurrencies may be more similar to fiat currencies than you think – CLICK HERE.

6 Cheap Stocks Offering Global Exposure

The trend is the investor’s friend – and one trend currently at work in the stock market is the increasing importance of companies having global exposure. Specifically, today’s article notes that “companies in the S&P 500 with higher global exposure are expected to deliver stronger growth in sales and earnings than S&P 500 companies with lower global exposure.” As such, the author screened for low-priced (trading under $5) stocks with substantial global exposure and which are also seeing significant levels of institutional and insider ownership. For six stocks this screen yielded, CLICK HERE.