A “Ground Level” Assessment Of Stocks Right Now – And 2 Attractively Valued Picks To Consider

Amid the current market turmoil, what are investors to do? The author of today’s article notes that most market analysts are talking at an abstract level and “hardly any are talking at ground level—that is, talking about individual stocks and practical actions to be taken” – so he gets down to ground level and highlights two specific stocks currently trading at discounts to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Different Take On “Must-Have” Stocks – And 3 To Consider

When it comes to identifying “must-have” stocks, the author of today’s article takes a different approach from many, “look[ing] for stocks in companies that have products or services deeply embedded in their customers’ strategy and operations. They play such a vital role that customers perceive their products or services as “must-have” in their business operations.” He proceeds to identify what he sees as the “three major buckets of must-have companies” – and an exemplar company from each bucket. CLICK HERE.

A Garbage Stock – And 2 Other Investments You May Be Overlooking

Today’s article highlights three investments that are probably not on your radar but which you may want to consider. The first is a stock that is (literally) garbage, the second is a group of exchange-traded funds, and the third is a stock that is a leader in its industry, currently sports an attractive valuation, and could benefit from a key rival suffering a setback. For more on these three potential investments, CLICK HERE.

These Small Stocks Are Seeing Big Interest From Hedge Funds

In regards to hedge funds, the author of today’s article notes that they “control trillions of dollars, all of the funds strive to outperform and their investment decisions can impact the prices of stocks, especially small stocks.” As such, the author screened for cheap (trading under $10), low market cap (less than $100 million) stocks that saw significant buying interest from hedge funds in the previous quarter. For the four stocks that passed this screen – and which may be deserving of further consideration – CLICK HERE.