COVID & Psychedelics: 3 Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch In August

“With coronavirus cases climbing in the U.S., this is likely going to be a clear focus for quite some time,” declares the author of today’s article in regards to the biotech sector. They proceed to highlight three biotech penny stocks to watch as August gets underway: two COVID-related plays as well as “one of the few listed penny stocks to have a foot in the emerging psychedelics industry.” For more, CLICK HERE.

“The Era Of Biotechs”

“The paralyzing viral outbreak that has swept the planet, costing trillions in output and gumming up the wheels of the global economy has also created a confluence of events so very favorable for biotechs that it will continue to push the sector higher up the golden arc,” declares the author of today’s article, which lays out the favorable macro environment for biotechs that is likely to persist beyond 2020 – and identifies a number of promising plays. For more, CLICK HERE.

Profit From The Coming Battery Boom With This Lithium Leader

If your phone or car uses a lithium-ion battery, the company highlighted in today’s article likely manufactured the lithium chemical used in that battery – and with the lithium-ion battery market expected to grow over 100% by 2025, this company’s stock may be set for a massive breakout. For the stock in question – which the author recommends as a buy based on its momentum and quality – CLICK HERE.

3 “Strong Buy” Penny Stocks With Massive Upside Potential For Risk-Tolerant Investors

The market strategist cited in today’s article believes that the current stock market situation will get “resolved to the upside” – and for risk-tolerant investors who feel similarly, the author proceeds to highlight three compelling penny stocks with “Strong Buy” consensus ratings and massive upside potential (over 1,000% in one case). For these three penny stocks, CLICK HERE.

These 5 “Magic Formula” Biotech Stocks Are Guru Approved

On the heels of Novavax receiving $1.6 billion in federal aid for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, the author of today’s article advises that “investors might find opportunities in biotechnology stocks that have high financial strength, earnings yield and return on capital” – and he highlights five top stocks in this regard that pass a “magic formula” screen and have the backing of investing gurus. For more, CLICK HERE.

These 10 High-Risk Stocks Are Defying Conventional Wisdom And Charging Higher

High-risk stocks have soared since the March selloff. As the author of today’s article observes, “In essence, most investors on Wall Street are positioning for a ‘risk-on’ trade, on the idea that today’s risks will blow over and tomorrow’s rewards will be quite huge.” He proceeds to take a deeper look at 10 high-risk stocks that have been charging higher despite their prevailing risks – and whether any might be worth buying on the heels of their surges. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why These 2 Under-The-Radar Biotech Stocks Are Poised To Dominate This Year And Beyond

The two small-cap biotech stocks highlighted in today’s article appear poised to dominate this year and beyond. Why? As the author explains, “Both companies are pioneers in their respective spaces and offer robust pipelines, with lead products nearing the middle of the drug-development process.” For more on these two under-the-radar biotech stocks – and the science and potential related to their products – CLICK HERE.

Market Volatility Could Be Exacerbated This Week (And Beyond) – And Not Just Because Of Coronavirus

The stock market could be in for an especially volatile time this week and into July – and while the acceleration in new coronavirus cases would be a major factor driving that volatility, it would not be the only factor. As the author of today’s article explains, “there are a number of factors that also have the potential to exacerbate volatility in financial markets next week and into July” – and he outlines seven of them. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Focus On The Fundamentals”: 2 Biotech Stocks With Upcoming Catalysts Unrelated To COVID-19

“This pandemic-driven frenzy for drugmaker stocks has made it awfully hard for investors who like to focus on the fundamentals,” notes the author of today’s article – and as a result he proceeds to highlight two biotech stocks which have upcoming catalysts that have nothing to do with COVID-19. While one of these stocks may be too risky for most at the moment, the other could be a buy right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

Why A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Approved Before The November Election – And Who The Real Winners Would Be

Could a COVID-19 vaccine – or vaccines – be approved before the November election? That’s the bold prediction being made by Jefferies – and if the major biotechnology investing research firm is correct, it would be a big deal for investors. The author of today’s article, however, argues that, “Ironically, early vaccine approvals probably won’t mean much for investors who have already enjoyed good runs in vaccine developers” – and points to other parts of the market that could be the real winners. For more, CLICK HERE.