Going “Back to the Future” With Tech Stocks

With a number of the modern-day tech giants currently sources of controversy and targets of consumer and political scrutiny, including calls from presidential candidates to break them up, the author of today’s article suggests that “One good idea is to go back to the future and buy some of the top-old school technology giants” – and he proceeds to highlight “five oldie but goodies that could be big solid additions to growth portfolios.” For more, CLICK HERE.

New-Age Tech Stocks For A New Year

“While many large-cap tech names have started the year off strong, there’s a wave of smaller, more new-age tech stocks that have seen a huge rally,” notes today’s article, with this group including names such as Etsy, Roku and Dropbox. One analyst is recommending three of these smaller-cap, new-age tech stocks in particular. For these three stocks – and which one might be the best bet – CLICK HERE.

3 Small-Cap Stocks Trading Below Their Fair Value Estimates

Whether it’s to be attributed to their greater insulation from ongoing trade tensions, their greater benefit from last year’s tax cuts, a combination of those factors and/or other factors, small-cap stocks are currently in fashion – and today’s article highlights three small-cap stocks that appear to be undervalued may be worthy of consideration. For these three “small caps on sale” – an entertainment technology company, a developer of human interface hardware and software, and a producer of ready-mixed concrete – CLICK HERE.

Best Of The Best: Outperforming ETFs & Stocks In The Best-Performing Sectors

While nine of the eleven S&P 500 sectors are performing well, the information technology sector has been leading the pack, followed by the consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors. Today’s article highlights one outperforming ETF and one outperforming stock to consider for exposure to each of these three best-performing sectors. For these six potentially “best of the best” ETF and stock picks, CLICK HERE.

The Unique, Profitable Tech Stock That’s Beating Expectations

One of the favorite investing destinations of the author of today’s article is Australia – and as such he proceeds to highlight a unique – and profitable – Australian technology stock that trades in the U.S. The company in question “provides team collaboration and productivity software solutions worldwide”, is unique in several respects (including the fact that it has always been profitable), and has been beating analyst expectations. For more on this company – including what may be its most unique aspect – CLICK HERE.

Why Now May Be A Good Time To Deposit Some Bank Stocks In Your Portfolio

While tech stocks have been the recipients of the bulk of investor attention for a while now, moving forward investors may want to turn their attention to some less sexy market stalwarts: bank stocks. Today’s article declares that “banks are likely one of the leaders in the next up leg and present lower risk than technology stocks.” What factors are converging to make bank stocks prime picks – and what types of bank stocks might investors want to consider adding to their portfolios? CLICK HERE.

Does Too Much Tech Mean Trouble For Passive Investors?

Tech stocks and large-cap stocks such as Amazon and Netflix have led the bull market higher, but the author of today’s article cautions that, with these stocks currently making up 25% of the S&P 500, there may be too high a concentration of high tech stocks – and this could spell trouble for passive investors with money in index funds tracking the S&P 500. For more – including how investors in this position can go about reducing their risk (via either an active or passive approach) – CLICK HERE.

The Case – And The ETF – For Hot Israeli Tech Stocks

Israel’s economy is booming, thanks in large part to its tech sector. However, today’s article notes that Israeli tech companies do not receive much attention from American investors – and while there are 95 Israeli companies currently trading on the Nasdaq, these do not include smaller, mid-cap names. Enter the ETF that today’s article highlights, which seeks “to bring broader exposure of Israel-based tech companies to both U.S. and Israeli investors” – and which is up almost 30% in one year. For more on this ETF, CLICK HERE.

3 Tech Stocks To Consider – Including One Involved In Two Of The Biggest Long-Term Tech Trends

Tech stocks may be the place to be right now – but which tech companies are the best long-term bets (and when is the right time to get in)? Today’s article highlights three tech stocks that may be solid bets right now – including a software company that is currently one of the market’s top-performing stocks and an under-the-radar play that could generate big returns thanks to its involvement in not one, but two of the biggest long-term tech trends (the cloud and cybersecurity). For more, CLICK HERE.

Why Apple Shouldn’t Fall If The Market Does

More and more voices are expressing concern over a market correction – or full-on crash. With tech stocks having been out front in the market’s rise, one might expect them to suffer the biggest hit in a correction or crash. However, the author of today’s article outlines why one tech leader – Apple – will go unscathed. What does he see as “the biggest reason that Apple will not tank in a market correction”? Could Apple still pass the trillion dollar mark this year even if a crash occurs? And what’s one thing the author believes could alter Apple’s prospects in the event of a correction? CLICK HERE.