A Better Way To Getting Started With Technical Analysis

“New traders are often seduced by the patterns of indicators, but this work invariably ends in disappointment when results don’t follow,” notes the author of today’s article. Given this, he proceeds to outline what may be a better approach to getting started in technical analysis. For this approach (the principles of which even more experienced traders can still benefit from) and some of the “pitfalls” of traditional technical analysis, CLICK HERE.

Does Too Much Tech Mean Trouble For Passive Investors?

Tech stocks and large-cap stocks such as Amazon and Netflix have led the bull market higher, but the author of today’s article cautions that, with these stocks currently making up 25% of the S&P 500, there may be too high a concentration of high tech stocks – and this could spell trouble for passive investors with money in index funds tracking the S&P 500. For more – including how investors in this position can go about reducing their risk (via either an active or passive approach) – CLICK HERE.

This Tiny Tech Stock Is Surging. Here’s Why This May Just Be The Beginning

The tiny tech stock highlighted in today’s article is not the recipient of the level of attention given to the likes of Apple, Google and others, but it has soared 582% over the last five years – and that impressive surge may just be the beginning of an upside explosion. The author explains how the company in question has something in common with Qualcomm that makes them both highly profitable companies – and why this company is poised to explode just as Qualcomm did in the early 2000s. CLICK HERE.

Biggest Tech Tumblers

2016-04-03 11_49_13-Microsoft Office Picture Manager2016 has started off very differently for some of the leading high-growth tech stocks of 2015. Today’s article highlights how some of the highest returning tech stocks of 2015 have “fallen off their pedestal” in the first few months of this year. The biggest tumble? Netflix. After gaining 134% in 2015 – “one of the few [stocks] propping up the S&P 500’s returns” – this highest returning stock of 2015 “has declined 14.2% year to date.” What “other similar stocks have reverted from their high gains last year”, and what do analysts foresee for these stocks going forward? CLICK HERE to find out.