Hunting For ETF Bargains Amongst China’s Trade War Wreckage

Nobody knows how much of an impact the trade dispute between the U.S. and China will have on the U.S. – or China. In regards to the potential fallout in China, the author of today’s article notes that “This uncertainty is being reflected in stock prices. It’s also likely there are bargains among the wreckage, and investors might be able to pick up solid companies at a discount.” As such, he proceeds to highlight three China ETFs that may be credible value plays right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

What The Trade War Could Have In Store For Oil

After tanking in the final months of 2018, oil was having a strong 2019 – that is, until the recent escalations in the U.S.-China trade dispute. And this turn of events for oil should not be surprising: as today’s article observes, “The U.S. has only experienced a handful of trade wars over the last 100 years and each has negatively impacted oil.” Moreover, the author notes that the current “trade war is more encompassing and damaging for the global economy than previous trade wars so the impact on oil should be even more significant.” So what could be in store for oil depending on how the trade dispute plays out from here? CLICK HERE.

Building Your Defensive Strategy For 2019

The market has been plummeting, the president is attacking the chairman of the Federal Reserve, a trade war is ongoing, U.S. debt is ballooning – and more. So is it time to go defensive with your investment strategy? If so, how? And when will it be time to get aggressive again? In examining these questions, today’s article highlights several specific defensive stocks to consider and outlines how to build your own defensive investment strategy for the coming year. For more, CLICK HERE.

These 20 Stocks May Be Best Positioned To Survive An Impending Trade War

President Trump has stated his belief that trade wars are good. However, based on their reaction to his announced plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, the markets feel differently. Still, today’s article notes that, in the event of a trade war, some stocks are poised to benefit – specifically, stocks that “have little to do with international trade: they have low exports as a percentage of sales, and low international sourcing as a share of their cost of goods sold.” For the 20 companies that may be best positioned in this regard, CLICK HERE.