A Better Way To Getting Started With Technical Analysis

“New traders are often seduced by the patterns of indicators, but this work invariably ends in disappointment when results don’t follow,” notes the author of today’s article. Given this, he proceeds to outline what may be a better approach to getting started in technical analysis. For this approach (the principles of which even more experienced traders can still benefit from) and some of the “pitfalls” of traditional technical analysis, CLICK HERE.

Profit From The Continued Misfortunes Of Emerging Markets With These Inverse ETFs

Emerging markets have not been as kind to investors in 2018 as they were last year – and one global strategist cited in today’s article cautions that “”This is not over by any means…The longer the Federal Reserve (Fed) takes easing away, the more they’re tightening, the more trouble for emerging markets, and we haven’t seen the worst of it.” For traders looking to profit from the continued misfortunes expected for emerging markets, the author highlights three inverse exchange-traded funds to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

4 Stocks With Depressed Prices Where Things Are Looking Up

The author of today’s article posits that, in the current environment, “it could be beneficial to look for stocks that show signs of improving fundamentals that could be at the beginning of new up trends.” To identify stocks matching this profile, the author screened for cheap (trading under $5) stocks exhibiting improving fundamentals (improvement in both sales and earnings in the last quarter) and where there is evidence that traders believe a price turnaround is sustainable. Only four stocks passed this screen. To read about these four stocks, CLICK HERE.

Insurance Stock Buying Opportunities Post Harvey & Irma

As those affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma begin to file insurance claims – and with some estimates of the insured losses from those storms being in the tens of billions of dollars – many traders might be tempted to take a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to property and casualty insurer stocks – and this could create a buying opportunity for others. In an effort to identify insurance stocks that might be worthy of further consideration, the author of today’s article screened for low-priced, cheap (based on earnings estimates) property and casualty insurer stocks that pay a dividend. For the six stocks that passed this screen, CLICK HERE.

How FAANG Fare In September

Despite the excitement surrounding the unveiling of its new iPhones, history suggests that traders may want to steer clear of Apple stock this month – over the past 36 years the stock has had an average September loss of 4.18%. Conversely, two FAANG stocks have historically been top performers in September, with one generating the highest average September returns and another having the highest September win rate – ending the month higher 77% of the time. To read more, CLICK HERE.

“Stealth Rally”: This Year’s Best-Performing (But Little Talked About) Tech Stock

While tech stocks have been grabbing a lot of headlines of late, most of the attention has been on the so-called FAANG stocks. However, today’s article notes that the best-performing tech stock of 2017 thus far – a video game name up 76% – has received far less attention. What is the tech stock in question – and is its “stealth rally” likely to continue (and even accelerate) from here, or should traders proceed with caution? CLICK HERE for more.

“Trade The Tendencies”: These 8 Stocks Perform Better Than Average In January

2016-12-27-06_57_20-new-notificationWhen it comes to the seasonal tendencies that companies exhibit, today’s article states that “traders could seek to understand why a particular seasonal tendency exists for each company, or they could simply try to trade the tendencies.” The author takes the latter approach, seeking to identify stocks that, historically, have performed better than average in the month of January, while choosing to ignore the reasons behind this tendency. The author’s screen yielded eight stocks that were winning trades in at least 70% of the Januaries for which data was available. To find out what these eight stocks are, CLICK HERE.