Why – And How – To Add Options To Your Day Trading Repertoire

If you’re a day trader that doesn’t trade options, you may be missing out on some key benefits they offer. In today’s article, the author outlines several specific benefits of – and some key tips for – day trading options. Among those benefits? “Options are a great way to diversify your portfolio without venturing too far outside of your day trading comfort zone.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Is A “Rope-A-Dope Breakout” Setting Up In Gold And Silver?

With continued global economic expansion, gold and silver have largely become an after-thought for investors, but the authors of today’s article caution that those not paying attention to gold and silver risk missing out on a coming “rope-a-dope breakout”. They advise that “this price breakout may be less than 30 days away from now and the key to any potential move will originate in the global fear that may continue to grow as the world’s leading economies continue to spar over trade, economic cooperation and fair opportunities going forward.” For more, CLICK HERE.

4 Stocks Warren Buffett Would Find Attractive… If He Could Buy Them

Today’s article highlights four stocks identified by a screen based on factors that appear to be important to Warren Buffett. However, the business magnate cannot buy these stocks. Why? The stocks in question are small cap stocks, and the author notes that Buffett is “forced to focus on large cap stocks because his portfolio and company are so large.” Fortunately, this is not a problem for individual investors – so to find out what these four stocks are, CLICK HERE.