Potentially Undervalued Stocks From All Corners

Today’s article highlights a slew of potentially undervalued stocks, identifying a handful of picks from each and every sector from Basic Materials (with opportunities in uranium, lithium and lumber) to Consumer Defensive (with opportunity in tobacco and more) to Energy (with opportunity in oilfield-services stocks) to Utilities. For these 32 stocks across sectors that are among analysts’ best ideas right now, CLICK HERE.

6 Stocks Offering Predictability — And Value

A provider of marketing and loyalty services, a short line railroad holding company, a retailer of branded fashion apparel, a retailer of professional beauty supplies, a label solutions provider, and a consumer finance company comprise the six stocks highlighted in today’s article for the high level of business predictability and wide margins of safety they offer investors. More importantly, these six stocks are currently undervalued. For more, CLICK HERE.

Criteria For Screening Dividend Growth Stocks

How can one go about whittling down the universe of dividend growth stocks to a more manageable number that can then be subject to more in-depth evaluation? In today’s article, the author details the five screening criteria they use in order to identify quality dividend growth stocks for further consideration – criteria that seek to ensure that the stocks are not overvalued and that the dividend payments are sustainable and likely to see reliable growth. For more, CLICK HERE.

10 Undervalued Stocks With Wide Moats And Growing Dividend Yields

Noting that “companies that have a history of paying (or increasing) their dividends tend to be the types of businesses that investors like to own”, today’s article identifies ten cheap stocks (relative to analysts’ estimates of their intrinsic value) where the companies possess wide economic moats and are well-positioned to increase their payouts. For these ten undervalued, wide-moat stocks with growing dividends – and a deeper look at three of them in particular – CLICK HERE.

The 10 Cheapest Stocks Poised For Exponential Growth From Groundbreaking Technologies

Robotics, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, medicine and neuroscience, and bioinformatics are among nine technological areas that are poised for exponential growth in the coming years and decades – and today’s article highlights the ten cheapest, high-quality stocks with economic moats that, likewise, appear poised for exponential growth as they are expected to benefit from one (or more) of these nine themes. For these ten stocks, CLICK HERE.

The Most Undervalued Stocks Being Bought By Top Money Managers

The author of today’s article refers to it as “one of the best-kept secrets in investing”: the 13-F form, which provides shrewd retail investors with a look into the holdings (and strategies) of big-money institutional investors. The author searched through the portfolios of over 40 top institutional fund managers to find stocks that are being bought by more than one money manager and which are also trading below their fair value. What are the most undervalued stocks that top money managers are buying? CLICK HERE.

European Bank Stocks: This “Cinderella Story” Of 2017 Is Likely To Continue Next Year

The author of today’s article called it the “Economic Cinderella Story of 2017” – and after outperforming the S&P 500 so far this year, he believes there are still more upside gains to come in the next 12 months. “It” is investing in European bank stocks, which the author notes “are still undervalued, whether priced in dollars or euros, compared to their more popular U.S. peers.” Why is this Cinderella story likely to continue in 2018? CLICK HERE.

Hunting For Value? Here Are Some Potentially Undervalued Stocks In Every Sector

With stocks trading at such high valuations overall, quality undervalued stocks are hard to come by. However, the author of today’s article notes that “despite overall high prices, there are pockets of value to be found in today’s market” – and proceeds to identify a number of potential value plays in each of the market’s sectors, from basic materials to utilities. To find out what these 30 stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Are These 4 Low-Priced Energy Stocks Undervalued?

Energy stocks have been beaten down after nearly three years of low oil prices – and with U.S. oil production at record highs, lower prices are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. Despite this, the author of today’s article believes that there are still “some promising buy candidates in the sector” – and proceeds to highlight four low-priced energy stocks that analysts believe are undervalued and have the potential to deliver gains of at least 20%. To find out what these four stocks are, and for an analysis of each, CLICK HERE.

Mind The Analysts: 5 Low-Priced Stocks Where Analysts See At Least 50% Gains

2016-10-13 09_20_22-Films & TVThe author of today’s article believes that too many individual investors ignore analyst estimates. In contrast, believing strongly in the importance of Wall Street research, the author screened for low-priced stocks that “analysts have spent hours studying and determined…are deeply undervalued.” Specifically, each of the stocks highlighted are selling for less than $5 and are ones “analysts believe can gain at least 50% in the next year.” To see what these stocks are – including a Brazilian steel company, a small medical supply company, and a biotech company currently trading at less than $0.50 a share – as well as for the price targets of the analysts following these stocks and the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.