Analysts’ Top Large-, Mid- and Small-Cap Picks For 2019

“After U.S. stocks last year posted the worst performance since 2008, you might be skeptical of companies favored by Wall Street analysts, who seem to be perennially optimistic,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. Still, it may be worth noting which stocks are currently favored by analysts for the year ahead – and as such the author proceeds to identify the 20 stocks from each of the three main S&P indexes (large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap) “covered by at least five analysts with 75% or more ‘buy’ or equivalent ratings that have the highest 12-month upside potential implied by consensus price targets.” For more, CLICK HERE.

18 For ’18: Analysts Believe These Stocks Have The Biggest Potential To Rise This Year

From strong-performing tech names to beaten-down energy companies, the 18 stocks highlighted in today’s article are ones where analysts expect substantial gains – ranging from 25% to 85% – this year. Specifically, “they’re the companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 with the biggest potential to rise when you compare their closing share price on Dec. 15 to the higher projected price targets of Wall Street analysts….” For these 18 stocks and their projected price targets, CLICK HERE.

Top “Strong Buy” Stock Picks From The Street’s Top Analysts

What stocks are Wall Street’s best-performing analysts most bullish on right now? One service has identified the Street’s top analysts (based on the average return and success rate of their buy-sell recommendations) and which stocks are most popular with those analysts right now. For seven of these top “strong buy” stocks picks – which span a variety of different sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, biopharma and media – CLICK HERE.

The 10 Nasdaq-100 Stocks Analysts Expect Will Rise The Most Over The Next 12 Months

Today’s article notes that Wall Street analysts currently favor the Nasdaq-100 Index (comprised of the largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq) over the S&P 500 – with 65% of the stocks in the former having majority “buy” ratings versus 45% of the stocks in the latter. But which Nasdaq-100 stocks do analysts like best? The author identifies the 10 stocks from this index that analysts expect will rise the most – up to 50% – over the next 12 months. To find out what these 10 stocks are, CLICK HERE.

2017 Wall Street Predictions, “Most Interesting” Edition

2016-12-29-18_06_18-morguefile-free-photographs-for-commercial-use2016 may have left the prediction business battered and bruised, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from Wall Street’s biggest banks from issuing prognostications for 2017…and today’s article lays out the most interesting among these predictions. Will the trade deficit actually worsen under Trump? Could the U.S. see too much productivity – with negative implications for stocks? Will active management trump passive investing? And will the markets be at the mercy of Trump’s Twitter account? CLICK HERE to read more.