How This ETF Looks Beyond Yield To Find Quality, Undervalued, Safe Dividend Stocks

The author of today’s article seeks out quality dividend paying ETFs – and in today’s article he highlights one such fund: “an ETF that invests in higher-quality stocks than its benchmark. This ETF also finds companies with safer dividend yields.” For the ETF in question and how it goes beyond just looking at dividend yield or dividend growth rates to find quality, undervalued companies with sustainable yields, CLICK HERE.

3 Dividend Stocks With The Good Kind Of Deep Value

When is a dividend stock that the market is especially bearish on a deep value buying opportunity and when is it a yield/value trap? The Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio managed by the author of today’s article “is all about investing in quality dividend payers, at good to great prices, opportunistically when the market becomes extremely bearish on quality income producing assets” – and it recently added three stocks that are available at deep discounts, sport attractive yields and offer 18%+ long-term return potential. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Trends Appear To Be The Friends Of These 3 REITs

A flat yield curve, stronger corporate profits, and continued growth in e-commerce sales are three trends that the author of today’s article believes will drive stock prices in 2019 – and he proceeds to highlight three real estate investment trusts that stand to benefit from these trends. For these three dividend payers – a commercial real estate mortgage REIT, a lodging REIT, and a logistics REIT – CLICK HERE.

Use This Gauge To Identify Value Stocks That Could Outperform (Such As These 12 Top Picks)

If you’re looking for inexpensive opportunities for big gains in this stock market that is extremely pricey by most metrics, Goldman Sachs has formulated one gauge that can be used to do so – and has used it to identify a dozen stocks “it expects to outperform for value investors, even in a market where growth stocks have been so dominant.” The gauge in question? Adjusted free-cash-flow yield. For more on this metric – and for Goldman’s 12 top picks based on it – CLICK HERE.

High Yields (And Long Histories Of Payout Increases) Make These Dividend Stocks Ones To Consider

What could be better than receiving generous – and secure – payouts from your stocks as you wait for their share price to (hopefully) appreciate? Today’s article highlights three dividend stocks that offer a combination of “mouth-watering yields and solid track records of distribution increases that should make any dividend lover happy.” For more on these three stocks sporting yields up to 13.5% – an integrated oil major and two master limited partnerships – CLICK HERE.

Putting Factors To Work: 3 Cheap Stocks Exhibiting Value, Growth & Momentum

The author of today’s article refers to factors as the “historical return drivers in portfolios” and advises that “understanding how factors work can help you capture their potential for excess return and reduced risk…” As such, they screened for cheap (priced under $20) stocks that exhibit not one but three factors: value, growth and momentum. This screen yielded three stocks that investors may want to consider. For the screen used and the three stocks it produced – two biopharmaceutical companies and an independent petroleum refiner – CLICK HERE.

How You Can Enhance Your Marijuana Stock’s Yield

If you own marijuana stocks, there is a way you can earn yields of 20%-plus from them. How? By lending them out to short sellers who want to borrow these heavily shorted stocks – and while the author of today’s article acknowledges that lending out shares it not without potential risk, he argues that “it may be worth the risk when fees are especially high.” For more on how this lending works – and the borrowing fees for some of the more popular marijuana stocks – CLICK HERE.

VIP MLPs: 3 Picks With Attractive Current Yields And Compelling Growth Potential

When it comes to high-yield dividend stocks and high-growth dividend stocks, the author of today’s article points out that it doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition, as “some dividend payers offer an attractive current yield and compelling growth potential” – and he proceeds to highlight three master limited partnerships with above-average current payouts and which are forecast to increase those payouts by more than 15% annually over the coming years. For more, CLICK HERE.

Preparing For The End: Investment Ideas For The Remainder Of 2017

The first third of the fourth quarter is almost over, but it’s not too late to position your portfolio for the rest of 2017. In today’s article, the author outlines six investing ideas to consider for the remainder of the year based on “three key interrelated themes shaping economies and market…: sustained global economic expansion and the need to rethink both returns and risk.” Which asset classes, sectors, and factors might investors want to consider through the end of the year? Where can investors look for income in this low-yield environment? CLICK HERE.

The “Wealth-Killing Blunder” Too Many Investors Make – And 3 “Goldilocks” Plays To Help Rectify It

The author of today’s article refers to it as “that classic wealth-killing blunder”: limiting the stocks in your portfolio to the “household names” (i.e. large caps) of the S&P 500 and ignoring midcap stocks. Midcaps, he points out, have been clobbering their small- and large-cap counterparts over the long-term – and as many have not seen the big price run-ups that larger players have experience of late, this creates a “Goldilocks” type situation. He proceeds to highlight three midcap plays to consider, each of which pays a dividend of up to 5.8% and is largely off Wall Street’s radar. CLICK HERE for more.